Latvian Orienteering Championship in long distance 2018


Latvian Orienteering Championship in long distance 2018

1st bulletin

22th April 2018



Organizers: LOF, SIA “O! Latvija”, OK Saldus and OK Ziemeļkurzeme

Supporters: Talsi municipality

Main referee – Oskars Zērnis

Competition director – Aigars Vārna


Event control

Controller – Jānis Krūmiņš




Saturday, 21th April

From 16 – 20 Model distance in Sukturi – Stūrīši area



Sunday, 22nd April

Competition center – skiing base “Kamparkalns”, Scheme: here

Coordinates – Lat: 57.2193589, Lon: 22.6390867

Till 11:30 Competitor arrival and registration

11:30 Opening ceremony
12:00 Start in long distance

15:00 prize giving





Competition will take place in Kamparkalns area, which is the highest point in Ziemeļkurzeme. Terrain – mixed type tree forest with runnability from middle to hard, big relief forms. In some places there are steep slopes. Different size and form swamps. Maximum height difference in terrain – 50m.



Map maker: Leonīds Malankovs

Map is drawn in 2017 – 2018.

Scale 1:15000 (MW 16-35), other classes 1:10000. Contours: 2.5m

Till the competition day it is forbidden to visit and use for trainings. Closed area Kamparkalns (LOF_NR 817_2010)

Till the competition day it is forbidden to visit and use for trainings this area.



Everyone interested can participate in the competition. Competitors can choose a group suitable to age and physical and technical abilities.

Participants themselves take all the risks regarding their security and health during competition.

MW 12,14,16,18,20,21E,21A,21B,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75; 80+

OPEN1– technically easy and short course

OPEN2 – average complexity and length course

*OPEN classes can choose a suitable start time. You should register and pay participation fee in competition secretariat before it.

In elite classes red class principle will be used.



SPORTident AIR/contact mixed electronic punching system will be used. Competitor can choose punching type. SIAC chips will be available for rent - 1.50 EUR/day. Competitors who haven’t indicated personal SI card number in application will be allocated with rented SIAC card.
In case of losing hired Sport Ident card, competitor has to pay organizers full card value (65 EUR).



Opened till 15th April 2018 through LOF.LV system.



Registration time Long
01.01.18 – 08.04.18 13 EUR
09.04.18 – 15.04.18 15 EUR
MW21A-55, OPEN
01.01.18 – 08.04.18 11 EUR
09.04.18 – 15.04.18 13 EUR
MW16-20, MW 60-80
01.01.18 – 08.04.18 8 EUR
09.04.18 – 15.04.18 10 EUR
01.01.18 – 08.04.18 6 EUR
09.04.18 – 15.04.18 8 EUR


- Paying entry fee in cash on competition day, +50% of entry fee will be surcharged (amount depends from entry deadline). For each competitor receipt will be issued that may take long time.

- Participants who apply after 15.04.18 to vacancies, entry fee + 100% of the price on the last application date will be charged. When applying late, the start place is not guaranteed.

- Entry fees must transfered to the LOF account by each entry deadline. Electronic application via ODB.LV system is considered as guarantee for paying entry fee.

-OPEN can apply for participation in competition center for the last entry deadline price.

- If participants cancel their registration, the team does not arrive to the competition or the race is cancelled due to force majeure, the participation fee is not refunded.


LOF requisities: view

If a bill is required, please write to



Participation in competition without any restrictions, however Latvian champion titles will be awarded only to competitors who have registered in Latvian orienteer database (LOF club members or individually) and have paid LOF member fee. In all classes winners of the 1st – 3rd places among the LOF registered orienteering club or individual members (ODB) will be awarded Latvian Championship medals (except MW21A, 21B and OPEN classes). Winners of the 1st – 3rd places – participants of MW21A, 21B and OPEN classes will be awarded with diplomas.



Cafe, WC and first-aid.





Information about the competition – homepage

Additional information – phone +371 20252282 (Matiss Ratnieks), e-mail: info [at]

Vilnis Veļķeris , t. 29273114





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