Latvian championship in middle distance 2019

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Kartes: M21E, W21E

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Bulletin 4



Latvian championship in middle distance 2019 – 3rd bulletin

7th September 2019


Organizers: LOF, SIA “O! Latvija” un OK “Stiga”

Main referee – Matīss Ratnieks (t. +371 20252282, e-mail:

Courses – Jānis Gaidelis

Maps – Leonīds Malankovs



Controller – Justs Lūkins (OK Sēlijas mežs)




Friday 6th September

From 16:00 Model distance in Plociņi area

Map price – 2 EUR. Maps can be ordered when applying for competition or will be available for purchase on Friday from 16:00 to 19:00 in competition center



Competition center – start:  0.6km

Competition center – parking: from 800 to 1200m

Parking fee per day: 1 EUR – cars, 2 EUR – bus.


Saturday 9th September

Competition center  – Veceļi, Ūdrīšu pagasts, Krāslavas novads (shēma)

Coordinates – Lat: 55.8861944, Lon: 27.0141798 (X: 688507, Y: 6197520)

Till 12:00 arrival and registration
12:15 competition opening
13:00 Start for other classes

15:30 prize giving

Till 17:00 submission of relay applications



Grupa Garums, KP Grupa Garums, KP
M12 2.5km 7 kp W12 2.4km 8 kp
M14 3.0km 8 kp W14 2.3km 9 kp
M16 3.8km 11 kp W16 2.6km 9 kp
M18 3.8km 11 kp W18 3.1km 12 kp
M20 4.0km 13 kp W20 3.1km 12 kp
M21E 6.2km 24 kp W21E 5.1km 19 kp
M21A 5.4km 17 kp W21A 4.3km 12 kp
M21B 3.6km 11 kp W21B 3.5km 10 kp
M35 5.4km 17 kp W35 4.6km 12 kp
M40 4.7km 18 kp W40 4.0 km 13 kp
M45 4.6km 12 kp W45 3.3km 13 kp
M50 4.0km 14 kp W50 2.7km 10 kp
M55 3.6km 11 kp W55 2.7km 10 kp
M60 3.3km 13 kp W60 2.6km 11 kp
M65 3.3 km 13 kp W65 2.6km 11 kp
M70 2.4km 10 kp W70 2.4km 10 kp
M75 1.8km 7 kp W75 1.9km 8 kp
M80 1.8 km 7 kp W80 1.9km 8 kp
OPEN1 3.3km 9 kp OPEN2 5.6km  14 kp


Mostly runnable coniferous tree forest with very technical relief. Max height difference – 50m. Runnability from good to average.


MAP (old map: Tartaks)

Map maker: Leonīds Malankovs

Map drawn in 2017-2019

Scale: 1:10000 Contours: 2.5m

Till competition day it is not allowed to visit and train in area of map Tartaks (LOF 1170_2018). Scheme: here 




OPEN1– technically easy and short course

OPEN2 – average complexity and length course

*OPEN classes start in suitable time.

There will red class principle used in elite classes.



SportIdent punching system will be used in mixed mode (contact/contactless). It will be possible to rent SIAC chip for 1.5 EUR  a day. For competitors who haven’t  indicated SI card number in application the rented card will be assigned.

In case of SIAC card loss 65 EUR will be charged by organizers.
Participants who do not have their own SPORTident chip have to rent them at a fee of 1.00 EUR a day.



Till 2nd September 23:59 online using LOF.LV system

In case of changes write to



The entry has to be transferred to bank account! (see below)


Registration date MW21 – MW60 MW16-20, 65-80, OPEN MW12-14
01.02.19 – 26.08.19 15 EUR 10 EUR 7 EUR
27.08.19 – 02.09.19 17 EUR 12 EUR 9 EUR


– Participants who apply after 02.09.19 to vacancies, entry fee + 50% of the price on the last application date will be charged. When applying late, the start place is not guaranteed.

– Entry fees must transferred to the LOF account by each entry deadline. Electronic application via LOF.LV system  is considered as guarantee for paying entry fee.

– If participants cancel their registration, the team does not arrive to the competition or the race is cancelled due to force majeure, the participation fee is not refunded.


LOF requisities:


Reģ.Nr.: 40008021960

IBAN: LV14RIKO0002013111372

DnB Banka
Adrese: Grostonas iela 6b, Rīga, LV-1013, Latvija
If bill is required, please write to



Participation in competition without any restrictions, however Latvian champion titles will be awarded  only to competitors who have registered Latvian orienteerist database (LOF club members or individually) and have paid LOF member fee. In all classes winners of the 1st – 3rd places among the LOF registered orienteering club or individual members (ODB) will be awarded Latvian Championship medals (except SV21A, 21B and OPEN classes).



Cafe, WC, first-aid and refreshments.

-Warm up clothes will be transported from start to finish



On the floors – Krāslava State Gymnasium. 3 EUR night (showers and toilets included in price). Catering can be ordered additionally (5 EUR – dinner, 3 EUR – breakfest).
Tent places in yard – 3 EUR from tent per night.
All bookings have to be made by 2nd September by writing to e-mail:


The holiday complex UPES DIŽVIETAS. Website:

a) Nature camping offers a “Lauku Toilete”.
Price 3,- eur per person
b)  Luxury camping offers a WC, kitchen and showers
Price: 5,- eur per person
a)  The Forest House is 1.5m above the ground and is supported by three large trees. On an area of 18m² you will find a double bed, two single beds and a small dining area. The 60m² large terrace is the best way to observe the goats and chickens, as it is adjacent to the animal enclosure. The forest house offers a shared kitchen and bathroom.
Price: 12,50,- eur per person (max. 4 people)
b) Sleep in a typical wooden house and book the Double Room. From your bed you have the best view on the swimming pond and the Daugava behind it. The sauna is located in this house, which you can use for a surcharge. The double bedroom offers shered kitchen and bathroom.
Price: 12,50 eur per person (max. 2 people)
c) The Apartment with separate entrance offers everything you need for a comfortable holiday. The bedroom has a double bed and an additional sofa bed. In addition, in the living and dining area with American kitchen, two more sofa beds are available. A private bathroom with shower and toilet is also available.
Price: 40,- eur (for 2 people)
         + 10,- per additional person (max. 6)


Other acommodation possibilities:



Information about the competition – homepage

Additional information – Matiss Ratnieks, e-mail: info [at], phone: +371 20252282













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